Scott Liberator

Getting to the point of tattoos and piercings with Scott

Getting to the point of tattoos and piercings with Scott




Meet Scott
Age: 28
Challenge: Tattoos and piercings

Liberator Scott

My name is Scott. I was diagnosed with severe Haemophilia A at 8 months old.

My mother knew Haemophilia ran in the family, so it was a foregone conclusion when I was put to bed at night with a bruise the size of a pea, it would be the size of a fist by the morning. I have spent many years on many different treatments, but I have now found something that works for me, but more importantly, for the life I want to lead.

For me, Liberate Life simply means setting a goal and finding the right way to achieve it. Growing up I was held back from many activities. I was told not to play contact sports or take part in certain P.E lessons in school. I tried to find other ways to express myself, seeing peers and cousins with something as simple as an earlobe piercing made me want to get one too. 

Thinking back, I wanted it just to show that I could do something that everyone else I knew could do. It was a massive blow to be told by my centre that I couldn't even do that. It made me more determined to find a way to achieve what I wanted, to show that Haemophilia does not need to hold you back.

After many discussions with my family, I finally got my ear pierced at 10 years old. Obviously, you have to be careful and it's worth seeking advice from your centre before you decide to get a piercing. As I got older, I knew I wanted more than just piercings, I wanted tattoos! 

Although cautious and having had many discussions with my family and centre, when I was old enough, I finally decided to get a tattoo. After the first one went well, I finally felt liberated, in control and had found something I was passionate about that I could do. I haven't looked back since and have had several other tattoos. I love art, music and comics, so being able to express myself with tattoos really helped me cope with my Haemophilia and take control. I now have over 20 tattoos and seven piercings with more planned - I even have a tattoo dedicated to Haemophilia!


Note: It is important to seek medical professional advice before you consider having a tattoo or piercing and follow guidance provided.

Liberator tattoos

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Date of preparation: February 2021