Jay's challenge is getting fit

Jay's challenge is getting fit

Meet Jay
Age: 22
Challenge: Fitness Classes


Hi, I’m Jay and I have severe Haemophilia A.

Despite suffering with arthritis in my right ankle as a result of target bleeds as a child, I refuse to let this stop me from living my life and pursuing my passions. In 2018, I successfully lost 27.5kg over the course of a year- a huge achievement I am extremely proud of. Keeping active by participating in various fitness classes contributed significantly to this loss, and helped ensure that arthritis impacted minimally on my life. Despite a recent injury hindering my progress, I am even more determined to regain my strength and with my increased knowledge and awareness of my condition and boundaries, I am confident this can be achieved.

Liberate Life empowers me to continue living independently, beyond my condition, without having to compromise on the hobbies that excite and interest me. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of maintaining a high standard of health and endeavour to continue to live my life to the full.

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Date of preparation: February 2021